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Apnoea is suffered by an increasing number of Australians. One proven method of treatment is the used of CPAP therapy. CPAP therapy involves the use of a CPAP pump delivering air under pressure via a fitted mask. Newer machines are quiter and more effisient than ever before providing relief for users. Restoring their energy levels and improving their quality of life.

Mask Fitting
Mask Hire & Sales
Pump Hire & Sales
Sales of Filters & accessories
Sleep Studies (upon referral from Sleep Specialist).


What is a Webster-pack? A Webster-pack is a folder used to store medication on a weekly basis. The pack lasts for one week and has individual compartments for common medication times. Each week the pack is made up and if you choose delivered to your door.

A Webster-pack means:
1. no more medication bottles lying around the house
2. no confusion when it is time to take medications,
3. all the medication for that time will be accurately stored in the correct compartment making it easy to use. (For example on Monday at breakfast all you have to do is push the tablets out from the Monday breakfast compartment). Easy!
4. There is no risk of doubling up on medications, once the tablets are taken, they're gone and you can be sure you are taking the correct medications as the pack is made in the pharmacy.

A Webster-pak will cost $4.95 per week, plus the cost of any medications required, (with free home delivery if required).


What is High Blood pressure?

High blood pressure is sometimes called the silent killer for that reason; sufferers can have high blood pressure and show no warning signs. The only way to know is to check your blood pressure regularly.

The lower your blood pressure THE LOWER YOUR RISK OF STROKE.

At FINDLAY & WEYMOUTH we offer a FREE BLOOD PRESSURE TESTING service. Drop in and we will test your blood pressure. We can also record your readings and provide you with a full print out to take to your Doctor.


At FINDLAY & WEYMOUTH Pharmacy we offer a full service. In fact, we are classified as an NDSS SUPERSTORE!
In addition to a full range of Diabetic supplies including
1. Test strips for all common machines.
2. Lancets and Lancet devices.
3. Blood Glucose monitoring devices.


The Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a valuable new program which allow us (your Pharmacists) to come to your home to spend time with you discussing your medicines.
The aim is to ensure that you understand:
1. What medicines you are actually taking (including non-prescribed medicines and Herbal or Homeopathic medicines many people do not appreciate that many over the counter preparations can in fact effect (enhance or inhibit) your prescribed medicines)
2. Why you are taking them
3. When to take them and how best to store them.
In addition we can discuss any issues related to your medicines which are of concern.

We then review your medicines to ensure there are no issues with the combinations you are taking; or with any additional medicines you may be having and write a report to your Doctor highlighting any issues or concerns which he/she will then discuss with you at your next appointment.

1. Who can have a Home Medicines Review?
Anyone living in their own home can have a Home Medicines Review if their GP thinks their condition and the medicines they are taking make the review worthwhile.
Some situations are more likely to put people at risk of medicine-related problems, such as:

taking five or more regular medicines or taking more than a total of 12 doses of medicine(s) per day; recent changes to your medication routine (doses or medicines); attending a number of different doctors, both GPs and specialists; and having recently come out of hospital.

2. Who can decide whether I need a Home Medicines Review?
Your GP can refer you to have a Home Medicines Review after thinking about your medication needs during a consultation.
Anyone - you, your carer, a family member, your pharmacist or community nurse can ask the doctor if this service might be helpful for you.
If you agree, only your GP can refer you for a Home Medicines Review. He or she will then fill out a special referral form.